The Joke is (on) The New York Jets

Minimal Talent? 



Poor Management?



Not Respected?



There are a litany of phrases and/or adjectives that can be used to describe the 2012 New York Jets. Usually some of these phrases such as: joke, disgrace, embarrassment and others would not be appropriate to use through 4 games of a 16 game season. The Jets unfortunately are an exception to that “rule.”


Never have I ever seen a team who was in first place 1/4 way through the season be eliminated from any kind of regular season success.


It is beyond fair to assume that the 2012 Jets can be classified as each of the phrases listed above.


Granted, they have lost what is in my opinion the best defensive player pound for pound in the league and also their best offensive playmaker in Santonio Holmes but that is no excuse for what now the least impressive roster in the NFL. If you lose 2 players off your team (non QB) and your team takes a precipitous dive, it is an indictment that your roster is poorly constructed and too reliant on individual, not team success.


I look at the defense and it is beyond scary that this unit was what the teams success (or lack thereof) was predicated upon. Aside from Darrelle Revis all I see are players that are overrated, over the hill and/or over hyped. Their defensive line is pedestrian…. at best. Mo Wilkerson who was drafted in the first round last year has been non-existent and there really haven’t been any signs of growth and/or development. Sione Po’uha has battled injury and Mike DeVito is what he is; PEDESTRIAN. There is nobody there who inspires confidence let alone someone you could call a threat. In a 3-4 scheme in which your linebackers are so important to success, you need your defensive line not only to adequately occupy blockers to let your LB’s run free, but also control the interior of the line to force plays outside. This DL group fails miserably to live up to both objectives.

As for the linebacking corps, David Harris has not turned into the elite 3-4 MLB that everyone had thought. His inability to cover Tight Ends/RBs has proven to be extremely problematic and his lack of speed from sideline to sideline has been a major reason the Jets have been humiliated by opponents running games this season. For a guy who got a lot of $ from the Jets it’s more than fair to say he’s a 2 down LB. Bart Scott may be playing with a toe injury which hampers his effectiveness, but even at full health he has noticeably lost a step (or 3) and the fact that you STILL hear him continuously run his mouth is an obvious sign that he is trying to use his words to mask his declining play. Hey Bart, it isn’t working. You’ve been exposed as an aging veteran who frankly doesn’t deserve a spot in ANY starting 11. Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace (a TERRIBLE FA SIGNING) who technically are classified as “pass rushers” might be the least impressive and effective duo in the entire league. Quinton Coples who was supposed to help in this regard has been a non-factor. Coples, who admittedly takes plays off and is known to be a head case seems to be falling right into line with other recent Jets 1st rd picks on the defensive side of the ball as BUSTS.


The secondary sans Revis is a disaster. Antonio Cromartie can’t cover anyone, can’t tackle and can’t keep track of his child support payments to his dozen plus kids. As the #1 CB on the team now, expect to hear him take the Bart Scott route and talk more than perform as his ability just doesn’t allow him to be anything more than a nickel corner. Kyle Wilson, another 1st round mishap from GM Mike TannenBUM just cant play. His terrible footwork and lack of instincts are put on display every time any WR runs a route with even the least bit of sophistication. Eric Smith somehow seems to maintain a starting job despite being constantly abused by tight ends and taking bad angles on open field tackling. LaRon Landy is the one legitimate playmaker the Jets have on defense. Sure he has been hit with a few silly penalties this year but those are on account of playing 500% every play. His injury history leads one to believe that he won’t be playing a full 16 games and without his intimidating presence in the secondary and up in the box, expect what is now a BAD Jets defense to be even worse.


One could spend thousands of words mapping out the litany of problems the Jets have on offense. When push comes to shove, the offense is bereft of talent. It makes no sense to go into detail because we all know what Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schilens, Shonn Greene et al are; backup caliber players who are in featured roles for this team. To draft a QB 4th overall (and trade pieces to move up and get him) and surround him with all this crap (and that’s what it is in terms of talent, C-R-A-P) is foolish and yet another poor job of roster management by TannenBUM. 


In a nutshell, if you look at this roster it looks much closer to fighting for a #1 overall pick as opposed to a playoff spot. You wouldn’t need more than 1 hand to count the teams who are on par with the Jets talent wise in the NFL. From the top of the organization down to the coaching staff, the organization is a disaster. Their owner is more concerned with PSL’s and Mitt Romney’s campaign than providing a quality product to his fans. The GM, Mike TannenBUM is ownerships puppet as displayed by bringing in distractions like Tim Tebow and NEVER EVER giving anything other than a vague and/or inconclusive answer to any question asked of him by the press. Look at Tannenbaums draft record. Name me any other player (aside from Revis) that has been drafted by TannenBUM that has developed into a quality, let alone upper level NFL player? Their coach thinks this is 1986 where blue collar defenses and running games reigned supreme. Do those three elements (Ownership, GM, Head Coach) seem to be functioning in a way that is conducive to maintaining success in this league? Don’t answer that. It’s a rhetorical question. 

After a few years of competitive football along with some smoke and mirrors which enabled them to get to 2 consecutive AFC championship games the party is over. It is time to gut the team, endure some lean years and get back to building a legitimate NFL team which is capable of sustaining prolonged success. That premise seems very simple, but when you’re the Jets, just not tripping over your own feet can prove to be a task too daunting to achieve.




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